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Multiple Shifts
and Long Hours

Multiple Shifts
and Long Hours
Some companies depend on continuous operation of their material handling equipment during multiple shifts 24/7/365. This is when lithium batteries bring the most value compared to other motive power sources. Increased uptime on material handling equipment plays a critical role in supporting the company’s operations.

What are long hours of operations?

  • Between 18-20 hours per day of runtime, continuous use while performing repetitive tasks

Application examples

  • Loading and unloading trucks at a loading dock, warehouse, or staging area
  • AGVs or AMR operations at the conveyor line

Why lithium batteries?

  • Single-battery operation
  • Fast charging (2 hours or less)
  • Zero daily maintenance
  • Higher uptime and equipment utilization
  • Long service life of >3000 cycles
  • Less electricity use and reduced carbon footprint

Industries where forklifts may operate multiple shifts and long hours

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