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Stringent Hygiene

Stringent Hygiene
A lithium battery is a sealed energy storage system (ESS) that does not emit any pollutants. Consequently, there is no acid to spill, and no gassing will occur during charging. Electric lift trucks powered by lithium batteries are recommended for operations that require compliance with hygiene standards, such as pharmaceuticals manufacturing, food and beverage, medical supplies, etc.

What is a hygienic design?

  • Equipment must not emit any contaminants or hazardous residues on the factory floor
  • Equipment must be easily washable to enable removal of all product residues and chemicals

Application examples

  • Meat, fish, or poultry processing facility, low-temperature and high-humidity conditions
  • Dairy or beverage manufacturing
  • Medical supply manufacturing or distribution center

Why lithium batteries?

  • Zero pollutants, in compliance with top hygiene standards
  • Minimum or no loss of nominal capacity due to cold temperatures
  • Fully sealed cells and battery, allowing daily washing of equipment1
  • Single battery operation
  • Zero daily maintenance

1 Lithium batteries that need to be washed require a wash-down upgrade package.

Industries where forklifts may be required to comply with hygiene standards