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Extreme Ambient

Extreme Ambient
Lithium batteries can be upgraded with a thermostat, heater, and insulation to endure cold or freezing environments. The battery’s internal components are protected from water and condensation in temperatures as low as -22°F.

Examples of extreme temperature conditions

  • Typical operating conditions are in the range of +40°F to +110°F.
  • LFP battery would operate down to -22°F with a freezer package upgrade and up to +120°F with no upgrade.

Application examples

  • Cold climate locations (Canada)
  • Desert locations (Palm Springs, Uma, Phoenix, Central California)
  • Cold storage warehouse, handling frozen foods
  • Meat or fish processing facility; low-temperature, high-humidity conditions
  • Dairy and ice cream manufacturing

Why Lithium Batteries?

  • Fast lifting and travel speeds at all levels of discharge
  • Single-battery operation
  • Zero daily maintenance
  • Minimal or no loss of nominal capacity due to cold temperature
  • Top hygiene standards for applications in the food and beverage and pharma industries

Industries where forklifts may operate in extreme temperature conditions

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