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American Standard Series Lithium Batteries

Lithium Batteries to Fit Most Applications

The OneCharge AMERICAN STANDARD lithium battery is a true workhorse of the American economy. A standard lithium battery that gets extraordinary results.
Class of lift truck I, II, III
Voltage 24/36/48/72/80V
Capacity 90–1080Ah
Charging time 2 hours or less

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The Right Choice for Most Forklift Applications

  • Can be made for any make and model of lift trucks worldwide
  • Match or outperform lead-acid batteries, propane, and diesel power
  • Demonstrate top-quality standards and proven results in many applications and industries across North and South America


  • Single battery operation
  • Little or no voltage drop
  • Heat that can damage lift truck components is reduced or eliminated
  • Fast travel and lifting speeds at all levels of discharge

Improved Safety and Sustainability

  • No risk of changing heavy batteries
  • No acid fumes or spills
  • Reduced electricity consumption, less waste, 99% recyclable

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Save 20–40% in two to four years (compared to LP, diesel, or lead-acid)
  • Two to three times the cycle life of a lead-acid battery
  • Save the labor dollars spent on changing and watering batteries each shift
  • Return battery room space to the best use
  • Reduce electricity use by as much as 30% due to better energy conversion
  • Reduce or eliminate costs to cool charging areas and warehouse

Case Studies

A Major US Distributor Goes from 17 Electric
Lift Trucks Down to 12 to Do the Same Job!

A large US beverage distributor (Standard Distributing Co,
New Castle, DE) runs a temperature-controlled warehouse
with two shifts daily and a fleet of 17 sit-down lift trucks
powered by lead-acid 36 volt forklift battery. At the end of the lease
cycle, management evaluated the power source options
to solve some recurrent problems with lead-acid:

  • Decrease downtime caused by frequent battery
    changes and improve warehouse efficiency
  • Eliminate acid spills and stains, which are
    incompatible with high safety and hygiene standards
  • Reduce ever-increasing operating costs for
    maintenance and energy


The flexibility to configure the lithium-ion batteries for the
specific task (high lifts in a temperature-controlled warehouse)
allowed Standard Distributing to greatly increase uptime and
resize the whole fleet as a result. The company decided to
switch from lead-acid to OneCharge Li-ion batteries. The
purchase of six Yale ESC035AD stand-up lift trucks and
six Yale ERP035VT sit-down forklifts powered by 36 volt lithium
battery allowed Standard Distributing to streamline its fleet
from 17 trucks down to 12 to do the same job!

A Large Washington State Fruit Producer
Saves Big by Switching to Li-ion

Allan Brothers, a large fruit company, operates 30
electric sit-down lift trucks for two shifts a day. Each truck
required a change of its lead-acid battery each shift.
Maintenance took up 750 minutes of down-
time daily, causing up to $56,000 of yearly losses in labor
costs. Weekly preventive maintenance of the
batteries was estimated to cost another $7,800 a year.

When Allan Brothers installed a new state-of-the-art
fruit packing line – the worldʼs biggest – they faced an
unexpected requirement for a new ventilated battery space to
accommodate a fleet of lift trucks powered by lead-acid
batteries, an estimated cost of $440,000. This
is when the company was fully convinced to switch to
OneCharge lithium forklift batteries.

The costs of downtime during battery charging were
eliminated, along with the need for a dedicated
charging room. Also gone were the maintenance costs
and HSE risks associated with battery changing, that
had previously been a concern. Management sees
potential for further savings, as there is a good chance
that OneCharge Li-ion batteries will outlast the current
five-year lease term for the trucks, and retain substantial
residual value.