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Lift Truck

Lift Truck
Lift trucks that use powered attachments, such as a single-double, push-pull, paper clamps, etc., typically use a lot of power. OneCharge lithium batteries have flexible designs and can provide more power in the same size compartment as a lead-acid battery.

When Forklift Attachments Need More Power

  • Hydraulic-powered forklift attachments
  • Heavy and bulky loads

Application examples

  • Paper clamps with or without rotation
  • Bulk bag handling attachments
  • Forks with a single-double or push-pull mechanism

Why Lithium Batteries?

  • Fast lifting and travel speeds at all levels of discharge
  • Single-battery operation
  • Zero daily maintenance
  • Flexible design allows adding more power in the same size box to fit the battery compartment
  • Less wear on lift truck components with stable power

Industries where forklifts may use powered attachments

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