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Paper and

Material Handling in Paper and Packaging Industry

Heavy-duty and specialized equipment (operating bale clamps or paper roll clamps)
Increased uptime, greate efficiency and equipment utilization
Sanitary handling in paper converting and packaging production
Data-driven management of material handling operations
Adoption of automated solutions to mitigate labor shortages and the rising cost of labor
A greater share of clean power and overall reduction of energy use in order to meet corporate sustainability goals

Why OneCharge Lithium?

High-power density drop-in lithium batteries replace lead-acid or internal combustion (gasoline, propane, or diesel) power source
Single-battery operation through multiple shifts, with no need for a battery charging room; Proven technology commercialized for over 10 years
Li-ion batteries are a safe, non–toxic power source with zero emission of pollutants
OneCharge BMS provides data on each lift truck battery charging events, energy throughput and much more
Automation-ready - a perfect fit for the AGVs and AMRs
Lithium batteries use up to 30% less electricity than lead-acid batteries due to better energy conversion

Case Studies and Articles

Lithium vs. TPPL Battery Overview

As lithium-ion batteries continue to grow in popularity, lead-acid battery manufacturers are now offering thin plate pure lead batteries (TTPL) in response, an offspring of the absorbed glass mat (AGM) …

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