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CAN* integration guarantees that a forklift battery and the host truck and charger are working as one system and exchange data through reliable and secure protocols.
*CAN – controller area network.

OneChrage CAN Integration benefits

  • Multiple CAN support (up to 4 physical interfaces)
  • Inbuilt CAN router to manage independent network
  • Supports most forklift and charger brands’ open protocol
  • Quick implementation of new protocol
  • Higher data accuracy, protection from interference
  • Improved efficiency and safety of operations

OneCharge forklift battery integrations

Lift truck brands

  • Hyste
  • Yale
  • Combilift
  • Hyundai

Charger brands

  • Ecotec
  • Fronis
  • ACT
  • Posi

What is CAN integration

CAN networks are widely used in forklift battery management systems. These networks allow the various electronic components of a forklift to communicate in real-time with the battery and relay information. Forklift battery CAN integration guarantees that the battery and the host truck or charger are working as one system and exchanging all necessary data safely and efficiently.

A BMS monitors the state of the battery on the cell and pack levels, controls power output, and optimizes the performance of individual cells. CAN connects the BMS to all the battery sensors and to the forklift controls and indicators.

CAN insulation is used in materials handling applications for advanced data protection in often adverse environments: lots of electronic equipment in the facility, vibration, powerful electric motors with their own electromagnetic interference, etc.

Controller area networks improve the reliability of the battery system by adding protection from noise and errors. This means better syncing of the cells, longer cycle life, and, as a result, lower downtime and a reduced possibility of system failure.

Multi-CAN Battery Management System (BMS)

BMSs use CAN networks to connect to power management and start/stop systems; current, and other sensors and indicators; built-in and external chargers; battery heating systems; battery cell controls; and power ports for external devices.

It is common to use two or more CAN networks in a battery management system to work with a forklift and charger. In such a system, each CAN would typically communicate with a different set of power system components.

OneCharge advanced forklift batteries feature a proprietary BMS design with multiple CAN connections to integrate into one system the truck, the charger, and all the internal elements and components of the battery pack. Other connections are reserved for external equipment, like an outside battery discharge indicator (BDI).