Battery Selector

Accessories and Upgrade Packages

Every OneCharge battery can be upgraded with a number of custom options to meet specific applications. We also offer a range of accessories including forklift battery connectors, battery discharge indicators and battery-computer connection cables.

Battery Selector

Controller Area Network (CAN)

CAN communication is a standard protocol used to allow electronic control units (ECUs) to communicate in an efficient manner without a central computer. With this accessory, the BMS and the lift truck computer will talk to each other and share management of the overall safety of the equipment. The lift truck dashboard will display the current state of charge. The lift interrupt and creep speed will function normally. When a charger cable is connected to the battery, the forward and reverse functions will be disabled on the lift, to prevent driving away from the charger.

Battery Discharge Indicator (BDI)

The external BDI is a clone of the controls present on the face of the BMS on every OneCharge battery. This accessory serves as an intermediate solution when an operator cannot see the controls of the BMS from the driving position, or full CAN bus integration is not available. It is a wired connection and plugs into the top of the battery. The BDI is typically mounted in the driver’s view so the state of charge level and audible warnings can’t be missed.

Built-in Charger (BIC)

Some OneCharge batteries can be upgraded with a 110V, 56A output built-in charger. This accessory is typically used on small pallet jacks that travel inside of delivery trucks daily and where 480V, 3-phase charging is not possible. Opportunity charging is still recommended to optimize battery performance.

Freezer Package

OneCharge FROST I and II batteries are solutions for working with products that must be stored in a refrigerated environment such as a cooler or freezer. OneCharge FROST batteries will maintain 95% of their rated capacity even at extremely low operating temperatures. Conventional batteries, when operating in such harsh conditions, lose 30–50% of their capacity and discharge quickly. The thermostat-controlled FROST II option allows battery operation and charging at temperatures as low as –22°F.

Seal Kit

The TS1 seal kit upgrade is a solution for damp or dusty environments. The TS1 seals the cover, battery management system (BMS), and gauges to protect against dust or light water spray and to help minimize internal sweating inside a cooler or freezer. Washing the battery and BMS is not recommended.

Extra Weight

Every OneCharge battery is engineered to meet or exceed the manufacturer’s minimum weight specification listed on the lift data plate. Depending on the application and the attachment in use, OneCharge can add the extra weight necessary to keep the counterbalance correct. You can add the extra weight when you place the order and in some cases, extra weight can be added later if you move a lift to a different application and switch attachments.

External Power Outlet

The external power outlet is a solution for applications that need to run accessories on the lift. Using this option, inventory equipment, scanners, and laptops can be connected directly to the OneCharge battery and the power to the accessory will remain on, even if the lift truck is shut off. No more waiting to power up equipment every time you turn the key off.