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How to Charge a Lithium Ion Battery

How charging Li-ion battery is different from lead-acid battery? We have updated this episode of OneCharge video blog where we discuss the principles of lithium-ion batteries charging process. In response …

Charging Li-ion Battery For Forklifts

Charging Li-ion battery for forklifts and lift trucks is really easy. Unlike a lead-acid battery, which users are probably pretty used to the 8-8-8 rule.

How Do Lithium-Ion Batteries Work?

Did you know that lithium-ion batteries deliver up to three times more energy than standard lead acid, Ni-Cd or Ni-MH batteries? How do they create power? Find out the answer in …

How safe are OneCharge Li-ion batteries?

We’re often asked – just how safe are OneCharge Li-ion batteries? We have all heard stories about li-ion batteries catching fire – in cell phones, laptops, hoverboards.

Zero Maintenance for OneCharge Li-ion Battery

“How to maintain a Li-ion battery?” There is a simple answer to this  question in the next episode of OneCharge video blog by Nate Hyatt, the company Service Manager.

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