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Material Handling Industry Needs

Increased uptime, reduced costs, greater efficiency and equipment utilization
Increasing number of diverse and specialized equipment, including models for warehouses with increased height
Data-driven management of material handling operations
Top safety and hygiene standards
Adoption of automated solutions to mitigate labor shortages and the rising cost of labor
A greater share of clean power and overall reduction of energy use in order to meet corporate sustainability goals

Why OneCharge Lithium?

Single battery operation through multiple shifts, zero daily maintenance, no battery room
Versatile drop-in solutions for a vast variety of equipment and applications
OneCharge BMS provides data on each lift truck battery charging events, energy throughput and much more
Li-ion batteries are a safe, non-toxic power source with zero emission of pollutants
Automation-ready - a perfect fit for AGVs and AMRs
Lithium batteries use up to 30% less electricity thna to lead-acid due to better energy conversion

Case Studies and Articles

Standard Distributing. Exceptional Effectiveness

Our Dealer Network is our foundation. Jim Testerman and Jarrett Cruz of Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. in Maple Shade, New Jersey were instrumental in making this story happen. By …

Lithium vs. TPPL Battery Overview

As lithium-ion batteries continue to grow in popularity, lead-acid battery manufacturers are now offering thin plate pure lead batteries (TTPL) in response, an offspring of the absorbed glass mat (AGM) …

Recommended Lithium Batteries

OneCharge FROST I & II are solutions for lifts working in a cooler or freezer. OneCharge FROST batteries will maintain 95%...
High-capacity OneCharge POWER Batteries guarantee operations without disruption for the most demanding applications...
You can now benefit from more effective utilization of warehouse space using Combilift or Aisle Master specialty equipment powered...