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U.S. Role in Global Lithium Battery Manufacturing

“The challenge to creating a competitive and sustainable battery manufacturing industry in the United States is immense, and the country needs to move fast.” U.S. DOE “National Blueprint for Lithium …

Leaner Manufacturing with Lithium Batteries

The recent advances in lithium industrial batteries and their use in manufacturing are remarkable. So much so, that it may become the single most important hardware step-change of the past …

800V Batteries In Forklifts—What Are the Chances?

The world of EVs is developing every day, bringing new, more efficient, and more powerful industrial electrical equipment solutions—not only for electric cars, but for industrial electric trucks, too.

The Li-ion Boost in Food and Beverage

Logistics Drives Profitability in Food and Beverage Industry. In food and beverage manufacturing, demand and growth are driven by food consumption and population growth, while profitability is driven by operations …

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