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Zero Emissions

Zero Emissions
Zero-emission lifts trucks are replacing large spark ignition (LSI) engine-powered forklifts, AKA internal combustion engine (ICE) forklifts. The adoption of electric and hydrogen fuel-cell powered equipment is mandated by many industry standards and environmental policies on the state and federal levels.

What is a zero-emission forklift?

  • Unlike an ICE-powered lift truck, there are no exhaust gases with electric power, hence zero-emission
  • All types of electric and hydrogen fuel-cell-powered lift trucks are zero-emission

Application examples

  • All warehouses where any diesel or propane engine exhaust is unacceptable, e.g., in the food and beverage industry, pharma industry, etc.
  • Some states (such as California) mandate the transition to 100% of zero-emission forklifts for all industries starting in 2026

Why Lithium Batteries

  • No pollutants, in compliance with top hygiene standards
  • Enable the transition of forklift fleets to electric power in applications with high power requirements, which traditionally used propane and diesel fuel
  • Minimum or no loss of nominal capacity due to cold temperatures
  • Single battery operation
  • Zero daily maintenance
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Industries where zero-emission forklifts may be mandated

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