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Lithium Batteries for Coolers and Freezers

OneCharge FROST I & II are solutions for lifts working in a cooler or freezer. OneCharge FROST batteries will maintain 95% of their rated capacity even at extremely low operating temperatures. Conventional lead acid-batteries lose 30-50% of their capacity when operating in such harsh conditions, and discharge quickly. OneCharge FROST is specifically designed to work in coolers and freezers to retain near-full capacity.

Class of lift truck I, II, III
Voltage 24/36/48/80V
Capacity 90 – 1080Ah
Charging time 2 hours

FROST I Сooler Use +32° to +68°F

Cells are insulated. A forklift can make individual trips in/out of a freezer with this battery.

FROST II Freezer Use -22° to +68°F

Forklift charges and discharges in the freezer. Thermostat controlled heater is placed below and around the cells, cells are insulated, the case is sealed to keep out dust and condensation.

Why the FROST Series?

Charge In the Freezer to Improve Performance

  • Li-ion batteries generate little or no heat while charging (unlike lead-acid)
  • Install chargers in any convenient place inside the freezer to avoid trips to remote chargers
  • Use any break for opportunity charging to keep the battery at the top performance and prolong its useful life of 3000 cycles or more.

Increase Uptime and Improve Safety

  • FROST Li-ion batteries lose little or no capacity in a cold environment due to lithium technology and FROST package engineering design
  • One battery will last through two or even three shifts (with opportunity charging)
  • No need to change heavy batteries, no need for replacement batteries or a battery room; no acid fumes or spills

Improve Productivity

  • Little or no voltage drop with Li-ion batteries
  • Travel and lift speeds are stable throughout a discharge cycle, and the lift truck operates at its top performance
  • No time lost waiting to change or charge a battery

Case Studies

Ice Cream

A leading US dairy and ice-cream producer switched to Li-ion powered trucks for multi-shift operations in one of its facilities. Some lift trucks work predominantly inside the freezer (-20°F) and are powered by OneCharge FROST II batteries. Other trucks operate in a cooler environment (+30°F) and use OneCharge FROST I batteries. The rest of the fleet is powered by regular OneCharge batteries at an ambient temperature of +70°F.

”We ran the numbers and never bought a lift truck without Li-ion [battery] after that.”
-Warehouse Manager

Cold Storage

A major logistics hub in the New York City area operates multiple warehouses, both regular and cold storage facilities. Their turret trucks with a lift height of over 50 ft. live in the freezer all year round, even when charging. They literally never leave the sub-zero facility. These 3300 lb trucks required the maximum power OneCharge FROST II Li-ion 80V/800Ah batteries, providing a full 64 kWh of energy for its 24/7 operations.

”We were so happy with the performance of the first 3 trucks powered by OneCharge Li-ion, that now we are switching the entire fleet to these powerful batteries”.
-Facility Manager