Sometimes we’re asked if we will have the right Li-ion battery for a unique model of a lift truck. The answer is nearly always … yes! OneCharge builds Li-ion batteries for nearly all models of lift trucks. We manufacture over 450 unique models, which is about 10 times more than any competitor. How did we achieve this? We are constantly designing new batteries in response to the client’s needs. Here’s an example.
Combilift recently asked us for a Li-ion solution for a multi-directional electric truck. This unique truck had two non-standard battery compartments for L-shaped batteries with its own special design. This is just the sort of challenge we are happy to take on!

In just two weeks, we designed a two piece model which fit all of the required power into one of the boxes while the other served as a counter weight. That’s one more battery added to the list that can be ready for delivery in four to eight weeks.

Speaking of Combilift, OneCharge has become the first Li-ion battery manufacturer approved by Combilift.

If you have not found the Li-ion solution you are looking for, OneCharge has you covered. We will design a battery of a specific shape and also come up with a tailored power configuration.

We customize to fit your application! Whether it’s a dry goods warehouse, freezer environment, or outdoors in a lumber yard.

OneCharge. Your Super Power!