Charging Li-ion battery for forklifts and lift trucks is really easy. Unlike a lead-acid battery, which users are probably pretty used to the 8-8-8 rule.

That’s eight hours of operation, eight hours of charge, eight hours of cool down. Many company follow this rule as if there are no exceptions!

So, you may be wondering – “How does charging a Li-ion battery compare?” After all, it can be hard to acquire new habits. But charging a Li-ion battery for forklifts is easy. Really. With lithium, you can opportunity charge any time. Plug in during a coffee break, over lunch or overnight. Any down time is fair game to charge a Li-ion battery.

This may sound counterintuitive. But quick hit opportunity charges of your OneCharge lithium battery actually increase its capacity and lifespan. Not to mention you can quickly power-up a dead battery. Plug in OneCharge Li-ion battery for 20 minutes and go finish your work. Or fully charge it in two hours.

Where can you charge? Anywhere you can run power and anywhere that’s convenient for the operators. One of our customers had a central place where the operators stopped during shifts. Drivers were paused there for 20 minutes on average. It was the perfect spot for quick hit charging, so the company put chargers in to make the most of the location. Drivers could stop and charge up at the same time.

Switch to a OneCharge lithium battery and say goodbye to the 8-8-8 rule and hello to flexible charging when and where you need it!