How charging Li-ion battery is different from lead-acid battery? We have updated this episode of OneCharge video blog where we discuss the principles of lithium-ion batteries charging process. In response to the increased interest towards lithium forklift batteries we’ve added this list of key things to know about lithium forklift battery charging:

  1. Always plug in when not in use;
  2. Li-ion battery chargers;
  3. Lithium vs. lead-acid battery charger;
  4. Safety aspects of li-ion battery charging;
  5. Li-ion battery charging rate;
  6. Wireless charging.

Many electric trucks come with a LA battery, but switching to lithium is really easy with OneCharge batteries. We have 600+ models to fit every fork truck make and model.

You may wonder if it is a major change to you existing operations in terms of charging and maintenance – well, it’s not.

In fact a charging station can be installed anywhere you want it, charging is just 2 hours, and with opportunity charging there is virtually no down time.

It is good for the battery to be charged at random for 10-15 minutes or more during natural breaks during shifts.