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Lithium forklift batteries improve operations’ efficiency and uptime and reduce labor costs. Select your battery from the 650+ options for all forklift types, makes and models. With no daily maintenance, you can focus on getting the job done!

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About OneCharge

OneCharge is a US manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries for the materials handling industry. We offer forklift batteries for all models of lift trucks (Class I, II, and III forklifts). Every battery-powered forklift can be outfitted with a OneCharge Li-ion power pack. Use our battery selector to find the right lithium battery for your equipment and application.

We are experts in the lithium industrial battery market. We offer the largest product line of lithium-ion electric forklift batteries for the materials handling industry: 650+ models, and counting. OneCharge’s battery management system (BMS) makes forklift batteries safer and more reliable, and extends their useful life. OneCharge lithium-ion batteries are custom engineered for a range of forklift applications: cold storage, distribution, logistics, and 3PL, food and beverage, paper and pulp, retail operations, industrial manufacturing, metals, plastics and chemicals, utilities and municipalities.

Our Li-ion forklift power solutions are unmatched in reliability. A standardized installation process and responsive national service network are designed to make sure your equipment operates no matter what.

Our customers and partners appreciate that we go the extra mile to learn what is the right power solution for their application. We help organizations transition from diesel, propane (LPG), and traditional lead-acid batteries to lithium power. We work with both longtime lithium-ion forklift battery users and those just considering the switch. With OneCharge, you can always count on a customized power solution.

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