How to save with OneCharge Lithium Batteries? Nate Hyatt, OneCharge Service Manager, uses real-life examples to demonstrate how to lower the total cost of ownership by up to 40% by switching to Li-ion.

Are you wondering how much you can save by using lithium-ion batteries?

Li-ion costs more up front, but it pays off, fast! Here at OneCharge, we tell our customers that the total cost of ownership for Li-ion averages 20 to 40 percent lower in just 2 to 4 years.That’s compared to both electric trucks powered by lead acid batteries and trucks with propane powered internal combustion engines.

We base those numbers on real cases of lift truck users with 2 to 3 shifts and multiple trucks. Take a look at one of our clients, Allan Brothers. It is a fruit-growing, packaging and shipping operation with 2 shifts and 30 trucks.

With lead acid batteries, each truck needed a battery change every shift. The company figured the downtime from battery changes totaled 56 thousand dollars in yearly losses. The cost of watering the lead acid batteries was 8 thousand a year. Allan Brothers also was spending more on preventative maintenance costs and insurance rates related to health risks with lead acid. What really triggered the switch was the need for a new battery room as they grew. It was expected to rack up another $40,000 tab! The company cut out all of these expenses by switching to Li-ion!

Lithium ion also offers a longer life cycle of the battery, over 3,000 cycles compared to less than 1,500 with lead acid. And with batteries that stay at close to 100 percent of their nominal capacity, Allan Brothers checked no slow-down in truck performance, resulting in even higher efficiency.

Use Li-ion and give a boost to both your lift trucks and your company’s bottom line. Save with Onecharge Lithium Batteries!