If you’re thinking about using a lithium-ion battery in your lift truck, you’re probably wondering how long it will last. Read more to find out!

While battery life does depend on application, including the type of load the lift truck is moving and the actual daily run time of operation, you can be confident that a OneCharge Li-ion battery will far outlast a lead acid battery in the same application.

The longest lifetime of a lead acid battery is 1,500 cycles and the cycle life of OneCharge Li-ion is warranted to 3,000 cycles. That’s already double the life!

We expect a OneCharge battery to go beyond that with frequent opportunity charging! We expect as many as 5-7 thousand hours of normal battery use after the 3000 cycles threshold.

The same opportunity charging pattern that drains a lead acid battery of its life will actually increasethe lifespan of a lithium ion battery.

And not only is a Li-ion battery life longer, its productivity is better than lead acid counterparts. Even at a near-critical discharge level, Li-ion batteries do not demonstrate a significant voltage drop and the truck will lift its maximum weight as quickly as when it is freshly charged.

So, you can be sure that an investment in Li-ion battery means a longer life for your truck battery and your lift truck.