This addition to the product line pushes OneCharge above 600 different models offered, making OneCharge the leading maker of lithium motive power solutions for material handling equipment in North America.

Irvine, CA, April 12, 2021.

OneCharge Inc. (, a leading provider of industrial lithium batteries for the material handling industry, announced today that it has added two new series of batteries to its product line for the most widely used electric forklifts and pallet jacks. Both AMERICAN STANDARD and PALLET JACK Series batteries are built with LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) cells, making these batteries some the most efficient and long-lasting on the market today.

“The OneCharge AMERICAN STANDARD lithium battery is a true workhorse of the American economy. A standard lithium battery that gets you extraordinary results,” said OneCharge President Tim Karimov. “This product is designed to fit most applications of Class I, II, and III material handling equipment. It is the right choice that’s  also easy to make—these batteries have demonstrated high dependability and performance in many material handling operations throughout North and South America.”

“We’ve added the 4500 PALLET JACK Series lithium batteries to better serve the needs of our customers in this specific segment of material handling equipment. These lithium batteries are made for electric 4500-lb pallet jacks (Class III lift trucks). They are lightweight but powerful to keep your equipment ready anytime you need it, up to three shifts a day. They are ideal for any warehouse, manufacturing, and box truck delivery applications. The final weight of this series is enough to keep the drive wheel in touch with the ground, without the unnecessary extra weight of lead-acid,” said OneCharge CEO Alex Pisarev.

“We have been focusing on promoting lithium batteries for material handling equipment for over seven years and are happy to see the growing acceptance of lithium ion technology. Managers across many industries appreciate the universal benefits of lithium technology for material handling: cost reduction, improved performance and utilization of equipment, safety, and zero-emission of contaminants,” Mr. Pisarev added.

OneCharge lithium batteries have full communications integration with the leading electric lift truck manufacturers. Moreover, the plug-and-play configuration allows the OneCharge battery to integrate seamlessly into almost any brand of a lift truck, thanks to the built-in battery discharge indicator and low battery warning system.

Many companies in North and South America use OneCharge batteries. Our customers work in food and beverage, paper and packaging, lumber, manufacturing, distribution, cold storage, 3PL, consumer packaged goods, and many other industries.

Every OneCharge battery management system features a data processing module that tracks numerous operational parameters. These data-gathering capabilities, coupled with highly efficient communications infrastructure, allow customers to acquire and analyze significant volumes of data, further enabling value-added services. Such services can range from daily usage reports to the Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) offering, which is sometimes referred to as “power by the hour.”

About OneCharge Inc.

OneCharge is one of the largest developers, manufacturers, and integrators of lithium-ion batteries for lift trucks in the United States. The company sells large quantities of industrial batteries for various equipment. It successfully collaborates with several OEM market leaders.

OneCharge is a “change ambassador” for the international implementation of the new technology. The company continuously invests in technological development. It has been exploring new chemical compositions that could further reduce the cost of the product while improving performance in order to continue replacing traditional lead-acid batteries. OneCharge battery systems are built with LFP cells, which have become the benchmark of reliability, longevity, and safety.

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