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4500 Pallet Jack Lithium Batteries Series

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Why Max Power Series?

Used in the Most Demanding Applications

  • Heavy Loads such as in beverage distribution, paper, lumber, and metal works.
  • High-Lift Heights such as very narrow aisles.
  • Massive Attachments such as paper roll clamps, push-pull, and single-double.

Used for High-Performance 

  • One battery will last through 3 shifts while opportunity charging.
  • There is little or no voltage drop with Li-ion batteries.
  • Reduce or eliminate heating issues that can damage lift truck components.
  • Travel and lift speed donʼt decline during discharge.
  • Lift truck operates at its top performance 100% of the time.

Improve Safety and Sustainability

  • Eliminate the risk of changing heavy batteries during a shift.
  • No acid fumes or spills.
  • Reduce use of electricity, less waste, 99% recyclable.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Save 20-40% in 2-4 years (compared to LP, Gasoline, Diesel, or Lead-acid).
  • Double the cycle life of a lead-acid battery.
  • Save the labor dollars to change batteries each shift.
  • Save the labor or contract dollars to water batteries.
  • Return battery room square footage to the profitable task.
  • Reduce or eliminate costs to cool charging areas.
  • Reduce electricity use by as much as 30% due to more effective energy conversion during charging.

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