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American Standard Series Lithium Batteries

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Why American Standard?

The right choice for most forklift applications

  • OneCharge Lithium Batteries can be made for any make and model of lift
    trucks worldwide
  • Match or outperform lead-acid batteries, propane and diesel power
  • Top quality standards and proven results in many applications and
    industries across North and South America.

FROST II Сooler use -22° to +32°F

Forklift charges and discharges in the freezer. Thermostat controlled heater is placed below the cells, cells are insulated, the case is sealed to keep out dust and condensation.

Charge In the Freezer to Improve Performance

  • Li-ion batteries generate little or no heat while charging (unlike lead-acid)
  • Install chargers in any convenient place inside the freezer to avoid trips to remote chargers
  • Use any break for opportunity charging to keep the battery at the top performance and prolong its useful lifetime of 3000 cycles or more.

Increase Uptime and Improve Safety

  • FROST Li-ion batteries lose little or no capacity in a cold environment both due to Lithium technology and FROST package engineering design
  • One battery will last through 2 or even 3 shifts (with opportunity charging); no need for replacements or a battery room
  • No need to change heavy batteries, no acid fumes or spills.

Improve Productivity

  • There is little or no voltage drop with Li-ion batteries
  • Travel and lift speeds are stable with discharge, and the lift truck operates at its top performance
  • No time loss with waiting to change or charge a battery.

Options and Models

Case 1

A Major US Distributor Goes From 17 Lift
Electric Trucks Down To 12 To Do The Same

A large US beverage distributor (Standard Distributing
Co., DE) operates a temperature controlled warehouse
2 shifts daily, with a fleet of 17 sit-down lift trucks
powered by lead-acid batteries. At the end of the lease
cycle, management evaluated the power source options
to solve some recurrent problems with lead-acid:

  • Decrease downtime caused by frequent battery changes and improve warehouse efficiency
  • Eliminate acid spills and stains, incompatible with high safety and hygiene standards
  • Reduce ever-increasing operating costs of maintenance and energy

The flexibility to configure the lithium-ion batteries for the
specific task (high lifts in a temperature-controlled warehouse)
allowed Standart Distributing to largely increase uptime and
resize the whole fleet as a result. The company decided to
switch from lead acid to OneCharge Li-ion batteries. The
purchase of six Yale ESCO35AD 36V stand-up lift trucks and
six Yale ERP035VT 36V sit-down forklifts powered by lithium
batteries allowed Standard Distributing to streamline its fleet
from 17 trucks down to 12 to do the same job!

Type of lift truck Class I, II, III
Voltage 24 / 36 / 48 / 72V / 80V
Capacity 90 – 1080 Ah
Charging time 2 hours or less