Irvine, CA — OneCharge Lithium Batteries is pleased to announce the opening of its new manufacturing facility and company headquarters in Garden Grove, CA. The new building is three times the size of the former company premises. The move is consistent with our growth strategy and is a response to growing market demand for OneCharge lithium batteries. Our ever-growing product line already exceeds 600 batteries for any lift truck make and model.

OneCharge Inc. (, a leading provider of industrial lithium batteries for the material handling industry, announced today the opening of the company’s new location in Garden Grove, CA. One building will now accommodate all in-house manufacturing operations, assembly, logistics, a service center, and company headquarters.

“The company is growing and this move was part of the business plan,’ said OneCharge President Tim Karimov. “What we did not expect, was how urgent it became in 2021 to add more manufacturing space and ramp up production volume. We see the ever-growing market share of lithium batteries in the material handling motive power market has combined with the delayed demand of last year during the first four months of 2021. We see the perfect storm of incoming orders!”

“Our new home is three times the size of our former locations combined and gives us enough room to grow,” said OneCharge CEO Alex Pisarev. “Having all the elements of our in-house manufacturing process, service center and the company headquarters under one roof will make OneCharge more efficient. Our customers know we are always ready to go the extra mile to make sure our batteries do their job and we are committed to making our batteries more reliable while building them even faster!”

About OneCharge Inc.

OneCharge is one of the largest US developers, manufacturers, and integrators of lithium-ion batteries for lift trucks. The company sells large quantities of industrial batteries for various equipment, such as Class I, II, and III lift trucks; sweepers; scrubbers; aerial platforms; GSE equipment; tugs; burden and personnel carriers; and other electric off-highway vehicles. It successfully collaborates with several OEM market leaders.

OneCharge is a “change ambassador” for the international implementation of the new technology. The company continuously invests in technological development. It has been exploring new chemical compositions that could further reduce the cost of the product while improving performance in order to continue replacing traditional lead-acid batteries. OneCharge battery systems are built with LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) cells, which have set the standard for reliability, longevity, and safety.

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