Safer for workers and better for the truck! This is why the switch to OneCharge Lithium Batteries is as ethical as a business decision! Watch the next episode of OneCharge Academy video blog, where Nate Hyatt, Service Manager of OneCharge Lithium Batteries, explains the safety benefits of Li-ion over lead batteries.

A Li-ion battery does not need to be changed during the shift, there are no daily risks of harm like when handling thousands of pounds of lead. There’s no risk of acid spills either.

Since acid fumes are not a concern with lithium-ion batteries, even workers not tasked with using or maintaining batteries will benefit. Ventilation does not need to be created in a facility where li-ion batteries are operated, so no structural changes are needed to your building.

Let’s revisit the Li-ion users at Allan Brothers.

They run a fruit packing and shipping operation in Washington state. When they switched to Li-ion, workers no longer had to handle lead-acid batteries, in fact, they didn’t have to handle the batteries at all! We like to tell our customers that once a Li-ion battery is installed, maintenance needs are over.

Allan Brothers had a crane used by all truck drivers for lead-acid battery changes. All of the company drivers had to use the equipment, and so all were exposed to some risk.

Once the switch to lithium was made, the reduced health risks for workers meant lower insurance rates for all 30 truck operators.

Using Li-ion batteries means savings for your material handling business and a safer work environment for your team.