Did you know that by switching your forklifts to lithium power you can reduce your total cost of ownership by 20 to 40 percent over the next 2-4 years? Watch this short animation to learn how you can take advantage of the lithium solution in your operation.

Lithium solution has a lower total cost of ownership compared to both electric trucks powered by lead-acid batteries and internal combustion trucks powered by propane, diesel, or gas-powered internal engines.

Our customers with 2-3 shift operations and multiple lift trucks normally see this level of return on investment in as little as 2 years.

The savings come from drastically reducing the maintenance cost per lift. There is no battery changing at the end of each shift because one lithium battery will easily last through three shifts when opportunity charged during breaks and lunchtime. Also, there is no need to water a lithium battery, so you’ll save on labor internally or by eliminating a contract with a battery company.

Since there is no longer a need for spare batteries, the need for a battery room is eliminated. Additionally, the chargers for lithium-ion batteries are small and can be conveniently located almost anywhere in the facility, making it easier for the drivers to opportunity charge.

Electric power is 10-15 times cheaper than propane, diesel, or gas depending on where you live and work.

Compared to lead-acid, lithium-ion technology uses about 30% less electricity.

Lithium batteries can improve the performance of your operations and reduce costs at the same time.