OneCharge has launched POWER Li-ion Batteries. This new line of high-capacity power units guarantees material handling without disruption in the most demanding applications.

Some of the most demanding applications in terms of power requirements include those handling heavy loads (beverages distribution, paper, lumber, and metal works), lifting loads to high heights (Very Narrow Aisle applications), and using massive lift truck attachments (paper roll clamps, push-pull, single-double). These are the immediate benefits of switching your forklifts to Lithium technology:


  • One battery will last through 3 shifts while opportunity charging
  • There is little or no voltage drop with Li-ion batteries
  • Reduce or eliminate heating issues that can damage lift truck components
  • Fast lifting and travel speeds at all levels of discharge

Improve Safety and Sustainability

  • Eliminate the risk of changing heavy batteries during a shift
  • No acid fumes or spills
  • Reduce use of electricity, less waste, 99% recyclable

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Save 20-40% in 2-4 years (compared to LP, Gasoline, Diesel, or Lead-acid)
  • Double the cycle life of a lead-acid battery
  • Save the labor dollars to change batteries each shift
  • Save the labor or contract dollars to water batteries
  • Return battery room square footage to profitable task
  • Reduce or eliminate costs to cool charging areas
  • Reduce electricity use as much as 30% due to more effective energy conversion during charging

Case 1

A Leading US Beverage Producer Runs Class I Forklifts on a Single Battery 24/7 moving very heavy loads!

3 shifts per day, 8 hours per shift, 3,500 lb. pallets of bottled soda are lifted and moved around using 4 wheel sit-down 80V lift trucks with single/double attachments. This application is a serious challenge for any battery! This is what OneCharge 80V Max Power Battery usage data showed:

  • Average Daily Usage is 71.5 kWh;
  • Maximum daily usage is 94.79 kWh;
  • Minimum SOC (State of Charge) 37%.

The data showed a comfortable 37% SOC after the longest period of non-stop operations. 80V/650Ah battery is sufficient for powering the work through three eight-hour shifts, 24/7.

Case 2

A Leading National Dairy Producer Uses Class II Forklifts in Ice-Cream Production Facilities

The company is using single reach lift trucks in its ice cream manufacturing facilities. 8 hours per shift, 2 shifts per day, 3rd shift is down-time. The trucks are going in and out of the Cooler and Freezer environment, where cold temperature puts additional stress on the batteries. OneCharge 80V Max Power with 805 Ah capacity proved to be the perfect fit for the job. One battery lasts for two shifts with opportunity charging before it needs to go on a prolonged charge and it is ready for work in under two hours again.