Almost every business owner wants to increase productivity without increasing costs. And for companies with warehouse and material handling operations, the solution might be right in front of you.

If you switch your equipment from a lead-acid battery for a lithium-ion battery, you can expect some fantastic changes. Not only is the battery easier to use and maintain, but it can cost less over time.

Keep reading to learn why you should switch to a lithium-ion battery.

A Tried and Tested Battery

During an economic downturn, it can be scary to make changes to how your company operates. You want to keep up with what works so that you can hopefully continue to see sales.

But change can be a good thing, and an economic downturn is the perfect time to make the switch to a lithium-ion battery. Odds are demand is down but the pressure is up, so you have more time to switch out batteries and get used to a new system.

And if you want your company to thrive after the economy recovers, you need something that you can use long term. Lithium-ion battery technology has been in use for many years in areas like consumer electronics.

So why shouldn’t warehouses and material handlers adopt the same technology? The battery energy density and charge make for some fantastic benefits.

Improve Business Functions

The lithium-ion battery technology has helped many industries make advances in their technology. From paper and packaging to food and beverage to cold storage to industrial manufacturing and logistics to IT and telecom, many business have used lithium batteries to improve various functions.

Lithium-ion batteries don’t require daily maintenance, so you can focus on other tasks. If you’ve had to waste time changing, replacing or maintaining your forklift batteries, you should switch to lithium-ion.

You can use the lithium-ion batteries whenever you get them, but you don’t have to. The lithium-ion battery technology means they can sit idle for months. Once you charge them, they will work like new.

This can help make your work more productive, and you can set the batteries to charge overnight or when you aren’t using specific equipment.

Then, you can watch as your productivity and operations improve. After that, you won’t want to go back to lead-acid or other batteries.

Save Money

In various industries, a lithium-ion battery has become much more affordable for consumers and businesses. As the battery gains popularity, the price has gone down.

If you compare the cost of a lithium-ion battery to that of other productivity optimization methods, you may find a massive difference.

After you’ve started using used lithium batteries, you also save time. Getting things done more quickly can save you money as well in terms of wages and other costs. You can even reduce the number of forklifts you operate to do the same job.

Compare that to other business processes with lower rates of return. By not taking advantage of lithium-ion battery chemistry, you could end up paying much more than necessary.

Better Than Lead-Acid

If you haven’t switched to lithium-ion batteries, you’re probably using lead-acid. However, a lithium-ion battery has many benefits that lead-acid batteries lack.

A lead-acid battery has a relatively short lifespan, and it’s not uncommon to see batteries die after a couple of years.

Also, you actually only use around 60% of the rated capacity, since you can’t go below 20% of discharge, and another 20% is lost with excessive heating up of a lead-acid battery.

It can then take a long time to charge a lead-acid battery. Also if you need to charge a battery quickly during the shift, you’ll be out of luck.

However, lithium-ion batteries can charge much more quickly and efficiently. They charge to full in under two hours. Opportunity charging for any short break of time keeps them at the top of their game 100%.

Li-ion batteries can work well in a variety of climates and you don’t have to worry about daily maintaining. While there have been instances of early lithium technology batteries catching fire, these modern batteries are safe to use and have multiple layers of protection and advanced chemistry.


While lead-acid batteries have been around for over a century, a lithium-ion battery is now the better choice. Over the past decade, more and more companies have adopted the new technology.

You can use a lithium-ion battery in your equipment, you don’t have to always change it at the end of each shift and the charge time is two hours or less.

Li-ion is very safe to use, and these batteries include specific safety features. The battery can store energy for longer periods than lead-acid, which means it’s perfect if you don’t always use all of your forklifts.

At this point, lithium-ion batteries have become common. Any risks or problems have been addressed and solved. Because of the inherent problems associated with lead-acid batteries, there’s no longer a reason not to make the switch.

General Use Lithium-Ion Battery

Luckily, it’s easy find the right type of lithium-ion battery to suit your needs. You can use lithium-ion battery to power almost any make and model of a lift truck.

OneCharge you can find batteries for Class 1, 2, and 3 trucks.

We also offer lithium-ion batteries for Ground Support Equipment (GSEs) and other industrial and recreational electric vehicles: aerial lifts, tugs, personnel and burden carriers, golf carts and others.

If you want to overhaul the power for all of your material handling equipment, you should look for different types of lithium-ion batteries. Then, you can find the right size and type for the vehicles you have.

Customized Options

Now, some material handling companies may have other equipment that they need to power. In this case, you should look for customized options.

We can customize the lithium-ion battery to fit your equipment and vehicles. If you need to track battery data or troubleshoot problems, you can do that with our products.

You can also use WiFi to remotely access the battery or forklift. A web-based interface is also available, and you can work with diagnostics to determine when there’s a problem and remotely correct the error.

Whatever you plan to do with your lithium-ion battery, we can help you make that happen. Then, you can watch as your productivity increases and your operating costs decrease.

How Will You Use a Lithium-Ion Battery?

Whether you want to replace the battery in one forklift or your entire warehouse, you should consider a lithium-ion battery. The technology makes it easy to recharge the batteries, and they last much longer than lead-acid batteries.

It’s also versatile enough for you to use throughout your entire company.

Take the first step to benefit from lithium-ion battery technology. Select the battery for your equipment.