The new Li-ion batteries technology benefits for industrial trucks explained in just 2 minutes!

Since 1930s, electric forklifts have progressed a lot in efficiency and engineering design. But lead acid batteries have stayed the same for almost 100 years! Lead acid batteries demand a rigid charging schedule and ventilated charging room as they release toxic fumes while charging. This can have a direct impact on worker’s health as well as the environment.

New lithium-ion technology is here to replace inefficient and hazardous lead-acid batteries. Onecharge li-ion batteries charge to full in just 2 hours and allow opportunity charging during breaks and lunch. One battery is enough as it’ll easily last through 3 shifts.

With Li-on life expectancy well over 3000 cycles and zero maintenance, li-ion batteries last twice as long. Larger end users can expect a 20-40% reduction in their total cost of ownership.

Li-ion batteries perform better even with lower nominal capacity. In some cases li-on can offer more capacity in the same size compartment. OneCharge offers 550+ models to fit nearly any truck make or model and… they’re easy to install.

There is no voltage drop during discharge, so the truck is as fast and powerful as when freshly charged. Another benefit is less lift truck component wear.

The battery management system (BMS) offers advance data tracking, Industrial IoT capabilities and wireless communication for remote diagnostics and updates.

OneCharge offers a well established network of services and customer support team which is designed and trained to exceed clients’ expectations.

Onecharge li-ion batteries enable companies to actually reduce the number of forklifts they require while also reducing their total cost of ownership by 20-40%. Li-ion batteries are the best energy solution for many 24/7 automated guided vehicles and are environmentally friendly.